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West Oakland 2025

Visualize the future

The Crucible - West Oakland 2025 Monopoly



West Oakland is undergoing rapid gentrification. How might we create a data-informed narrative about the changing face of West Oakland, the application of which could be helpful to The Crucible, in making strategic business decisions?



Wilson Wu

Shivani Singh

GinGin Xie

Mahesh Kantheti


Sharon Green

Susan Mernit

Susan Worthman

Lillianna Torres

Role / Contribution


User Experience Design

Design Strategy

Visual Design

Data Visualization





We attempted to address this complex using the mechanics of play. We designed a customized Monopoly to help The Crucible.


With the board game acting as a catalyst, we structured elements around it. Embedded and the entire map of the West Oakland - 7th street into the center of the board and marked out directions from the future real estate project to the sections of the board. 

We proceeded to create supporting elements such as monopoly money and property cards. The property cards provide all the details of the particular development. Chance cards are replaced by impact cards giving a macro-level picture of the demographic changes to come, in a comparative manner. We have also came up with a set of personas (player tokens) that represent the population originally from West Oakland as well as the new populations that are to come.


To summarize all the data and information we used on the monopoly board, we also created a summary brochure. The brochure includes a brief overview of what the game is, a key to the data points, icons, personas, and a map of the 7th street.

The design serves as a prompt to open the discussion of future West Oakland 2025.  

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