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Human Interface Engineering Intern




Summer Intern as UI Designer

趨勢科技致力建立一個安全的數位資訊交換世界。提供從一般大眾使用者到企業級用戶的全方位資訊安全需求。位於台北研發總部的使用者經驗中心專注於使用者經驗設計與介面互動探討。在 2017 參與趨勢科技暑期實習生計畫期間受到肯定,計畫結束後加入使用者經驗設計團隊,成為使用者經驗中心 UI/UX 設計助理。

Trend Micro is the leading company provides multinational cyber security and defense. It has 7 R&D lab around the world and the R&D center sit in Taipei, Taiwan. We Provide multiple cybersecurity solution products from general consumer to enterprise user such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc. In R&D center in Taipei, we have the world first-class human interface engineering center which focuses on the User Experience and Interface Interaction development.


After 3 selection process, I had the opportunity to join Trend Micro UI/UX team summer program and participated in the division of consumer which develops security product for the general user. After this program, I was invited by the manager to join Trend Micro as a UI/UX Assistant Designer, due to my impressive performance.

"Secure the 

connected world."


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As an Intern in HIE (Human Interface Engineering). I partner with various designers of User Researcher, UX designer, UI designer, and Visual Designer to design experience and cyber-security products. Provide insight and vision to the team based on researching user behavior and needs. Convert research findings into actionable results. I need to adapt myself very instantly to fulfill the needs of every supporting project. In addition, provide visual support to various project and Trend Micro internal activities.

Trend Micro X-school Visual Design

Support Trend Micro Official Site Refreshment

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Dr. Safety is an anti-virus, full-suite security app for mobile devices. It fends off virus intruders, guards your data privacy, optimizes device performance, and finds lost devices with security technology by Trend Micro.



The current app structure and visual design for Dr. Safety were released since 2015. As there is user's feedback to complain about the usability and the fact observed from Google Analytics that Avg. Time on Screen of those top viewed pages is very short. It is not healthy for a free app which revenue comes from the advertisement implement. Besides, the visual design has been using for many years. An app refreshment is needed.


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資產 9.png


A series of competitor analysis began. Learn from the anti-virus company's UI interface and ad insertion design. Compare them with Dr.Safety's and seeking the opportunities.


Inherit the image of guardians dog from this product as main support visual, and propose a whole “Card Style” main UI structure in order to insert the concept for native advertisement. Propose the idea of Endless Recommended Task, Dashboard, Gamification to increase product features discoverability. Therefore, increase the user adhesion and average use time of this product.

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Introducing the concept of native advertising into Dr. Safety to integrate ads seamlessly with the App content. Starting with the three principles of understanding native advertising, Thinking about ways to make a simple combination with the UI. It also recognizes that native advertising is to respect the user and not to interrupt the user's operation.


After presenting the proposal to my manager and mentor. They are very impressed that I came up with some fresh idea with such a short amount of time.

I present my proposal and insight on global department meet-up. The manager adopts some interesting idea and passes it through user testing process. 

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