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Bionic Glands

Use Systems-thinking to address

complex challenges.

Wearable Bionic Pancreas System for Type-1 Diabetes Patient

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How might we create an effortless solution in system aspect that seamlessly sews in the lives of Type-1 diabetes patients so that they aren’t constantly worried about their Glucose level?


Wilson Wu


Hugh Dubberly

Role / Contribution

Design Research

System Thinking

Cognitive Mapping

Concept Mapping

User Experience Design

User Interface Design




Address complex issues in systems thinking approach. Mapping out the Type-1 diabetes patient condition as a system to identified opportunities.


Propose an A.I. support system with Glucose monitor, Hormone Pump, and a mobile application, which served as an “artificial” pancreas - an external system of devices that mimic the glucose regulating functions of a healthy pancreas.

Such systems monitor glucose levels and automatically provide insulin to the body. From there we vision the possibility of bionic glands in which we can exploit the same concept on other diseases result from the imbalance hormones in the human body.

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