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Precious Moment

Help the dual-income family to save every precious memory of childhood.

Parent-child Memory Record Application Design for Dual-income family



How might we help our dual-income parents to manage precious photos and videos of their kids effortlessly?


Wilson Wu



Role / Contribution


User Experience Design

User Interface Design


Usability Testing

Motion Graphic


Precious Moment is an application to manage children's photos and videos, which design for busy duo-income parents. Parents can manage photos and videos easily and instantly in their busy daily time schedule with the assistance of image recognition algorithms.


The content can also be shared and co-edited with intimate family members. In addition, the user can export the album as a memory collection, which the application recommended the theme for them autonomously.


For instance - Grandpa and Kids at Zoo!

Sense Intent


The case in which the husband dominates the major income of the family was no longer the majority in this era. In recent years, the increase in dual-income households has been remarkable. The main factor in this increase has been the successful efforts of the society and firms in promoting female labor force participation in a tight labor market.

In addition, negative factors such as the heightened concern of mainly middle-aged people regarding their children's increasing expenses and financial situation in old age have also affected the increase in dual-income households.

This trend surely does a major shifting in lots of aspects of the dynamic in the family support system, which raised numerous new challenges for the designer to tackle with. The project anchor from this target audience, seeking new opportunities.

Research Finding


When researching every daily routine of our target audience, I have a chance to visit a kindergarten school to be a front-line observer. I found that teachers still stay in the classroom after school time, they are making photo albums of each student. 


After talking to teachers, They indicated that since the partial absence of parenting,  teachers become the observer and recorder of the parents, helping them record every precious moment of their children. Many parents actually attach the importance of this album greatly and even plead for more.


It hit upon me that the need for collecting and managing children's precious moments for these dual-income parents, especially children growing so fast in this stage. Aren’t like full-time child caregiver, their time with children were deprived.




There are not many products on the market that are dedicated to saving parent-child memories. Especially design for recording others than themselves. Most of the parents, use the ordinary diary memo app, social media, or the default photo application to manage or edit their treasured memories.


However, Products that are specifically designed to record parent-child memories are not well developed on the market, or only target to the early days of newborn babies. 



For the double-income family, the parent-child time is compressed. The growth of children is quite rapid. Therefore, Parents of double-income families often find that the record of past parent-child memories is hollow after their children are already grown. In addition, even if the parent has recorded every single second of memories, a large number of photos and videos in the 3C device were mostly messy and disorganized. It is quite time-consuming and troublesome when searching or looking for specific photos or videos which are their cherished memories.


Help dual-income families parent to organize the precious moment and memories of their kid's childhood easily and efficiently.

Design Goal:


Words of Interviewee

As several interviewees mention, "... the memories that always warm my heart ... It’s more about everyday life rather than where to go for a holiday or festival ...". Anchor on saving daily life of children's childhood and considering the fragmented and scattered time of our target users possess. Design a fast flow that only requires users to simply input photos and short narratives of their daily life photos bit by bit every day to create memories. In the flow, the algorithms analyze the media and recommend related tags using image recognition and photo embed info itself and previous users' database, which do the organizing autonomously. Generate categories and theme memory selection for users to enjoy.



Similar Applications nowadays provided are mostly “single editor mode”, which means it can only be access and edit by a single user. In the family structure of dual-income parents, the time for parents to take care of children is reduced. Therefore, more family members will come to help and take care of the children. Thus, the product should be co-edit to fulfill the needs of our target audience.






Scenario / Concept Video - CHINESE SUB


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