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The Stage

Curate a virtual design event to hold the stage for designers to show their talents.

Virtual design exhibition and career fair for young designer

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How might we leverage the power of virtual reality to empower the fresh graduate designer during pandemic?


Wilson Wu


Role / Contribution

Unity Prototype/Code

User Experience Design
Exhibition Curate
Exhibition Design



In 2020, the COVID outburst changes the world significantly.


Fresh graduate designer designers who are looking for job opportunities during this time are facing a series of cancels. Many lost excellent opportunity to share their portfolio to recruiters/designers from the industry and connect in job fair, thesis show, meet-up, etc.


These numerous "Cancel" stories happened all around the world, which got me thinking about how can I help/contribute during this period.

Therefore, I leverage my past experience in exhibition curation and learn Unity from scratch to work/ prototype this idea of a virtual design sharing event as side project.

Based on the research and learning and synthesize into structure insight. The idea of an event or exhibition providing young talented designers to showcase their work and connect with the industries gradually frame up.


Introducing The Stage, Virtual design exhibition and career fair for young designer.

Welcome to the stage


The entrance of the exhibition hall. People can meet up here before they entered the venue. The will also be some receptionist or tour guide here to introduce the visitor.

Exhibition Area

Designer showcases their work in the exhibition space. Designers can upload and import their projects directly to share with the visitor. Visitors can even interact with the model.



Designers can present their work here on live. Once the designer presents their work, the stage will automatically save the presentation. Therefore, visitors who can not make it on time can check out the archive and play the presentation again.

Creativity Hall

The creativity hall is where the main keynote, lecture, award presenting take place.

Networking Forest


If the recruiters or designers are hitting along with the exhibitor. They can have a coffee chat or interview here at the connecting forest area with trees and sunshine.

Career Fair

The recruiter can set up a booth for their company to have a conversation with people who are interested to join them.


Young designers who are looking for job opportunities can reach out to them for more information.


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